Finally after 30 years in business I am now able to determine which 50% of my advertising works.  In the past I had to rely purely on my staff asking my customer, this never gave me the full picture due to the inconsistent human factor involved. 

We all know that businesses need to utilise different types of media in order to successfully market themselves as well as the fact that new and innovative methods always seem to be popping up and you don't want to get left behind - but in the end of the day you are never sure which of these media actually brings in the business?

After using Adwatchdog call monitoring technology and allocating a different telephone number to each and every media we use (yellow pages, flyers, adverts, website, Google Ads, Vehicles, etc.) I now know exactly what brings in what.  After discovering the facts I was in a position to cut certain advertising drives which weren't working and then utilise these savings on media that was. 

Adwatchdog has now given me the confidence to make these kinds of decisions because without knowing I just found myself carrying on with certain advertising assuming it generated business - not anymore.

Glenn Pratt

CEO, The Drain Surgeon Group